Use the Force!

Luke Skywalker from the movie Star Wars fights the ‘dark side’ with The Force.

Aren’t we as Christians at war with ‘the dark side’ ? Paul says:

“Our battle is not with flesh and blood, but against the powers of this dark world...”

And doesn’t God call on us to use ‘The Force’ – that is – The Holy Spirit ?

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my SPIRIT, says The LORD.”

And, doesn’t Paul say:

“The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world…but we have DIVINE POWER.”

The talk yesterday in my local church was how God used ‘The Force’ that is – His POWER – to part the Red Sea so his beloved people could escape from slavery in Egypt.

God killed the Egyptian soldiers, casting them into the sea.

Usually people refer to the escape from slavery in Egypt as a symbol of our escape – through Jesus – from the slavery of sin.

Micah – the Old Testament prophet, says God will:

“Cast all our sins into the sea.”

This is why God can say in Isaiah:

“I will remember your sins no more.”

When Christ died on The Cross he died for us so that we can live….forever!

We are not dead soldiers but living Warriors!

As Paul says:

“You were once dead in your sin but now God has made you ALIVE with Christ.”


The LORD says to Ezekiel:

“I will put my Spirit in you and you will LIVE!”

And so let’s

“Take off the deeds of darkness and put on the Armour of Light.”

Let’s be ready for the battle against the ‘Dark Side’, for whether we like it or not, we are at WAR.

Paul says even the battle inside us between The Holy Spirit and our sin is a WAR.

So War is not only against the darkness in the world around us, the evil and injustice we see and hear about every day – but also in our hearts.

But don’t worry, because we ARE fighting for the winning side, as Isaiah says:

“The LORD will march out like a Hero,

He will triumph over his enemies!”

So just like Luke Skywalker …as we march out with God to fight against ‘the dark side’ – not only in the world around us but also in our hearts – let’s use The Force – the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT.

For as God says:

I will fight for you. You have only to be still. “



3 thoughts on “Use the Force!

  1. An interesting article. It is true that we have an external enemy but also an internal one that should not be left forgotten. Often ‘self’ can be the biggest foe that we face! Thank God we have the power of the Holy Spirit working in us!
    I would have also made a clear distinction between ‘the force’ as described in Star Wars and the ‘Holy Spirit’ of the Bible. Whilst the former is a kind of impersonal power, the latter is a divine person who leads comforts and guides his children into truth and righteousness. For this reason I think it is quite difficult to write and make parallels between them both. The philosophy of Star Wars has quite strong New Age connotations attached to it, hence the reason why some people in the British census were happy to call themselves Jedi Knights under the section of religious beliefs.


    • LOL. Thanks for your comment dude! I still think the LIGHT Saber is a pretty cool symbol for The Sword of The Spirit !


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