Is God a book or a person?

Ever get the question ‘but what about the God of the Old Testament?’

‘What about all the violence ?’

‘What about verses like ‘I will pour out my fierce anger, the violence of war?’

‘And what about the despicable acts he ordered, like when he told the Israelites to take the ‘promised land’ and kill everyone including all the women and children?’

Now I just reply:

“If you love someone, and you know someone loves you, and that someone has shown you nothing but love; that person has poured out their love into your heart, and you know that person’s love for you is deeper than any love you’ve experienced before and more beautiful than you could ever imagine…someone from whom you’ve only ever experienced gentleness, beauty and adoration, someone who wraps you in their arms and warms you with their spirit…

And then someone comes along with a book about the person you love and says:

“But that person is horrible, despicable, violent, full of hatred and violence and war. How can you love him? Look what it says in the book.”

And then I say,

“I’m sorry, but that’s not the person I know. The person I know has shown me nothing but love, affection, and kindness. Show me all the books you want, but I’ve never experienced such things from this person. I’ve only experienced love.”

Invite Jesus into your heart, and see what you experience.


2 thoughts on “Is God a book or a person?

  1. Steve,

    Thanks for the link on my blog to this post. And I love this post. It is such a crucial question. Of course, God is a person, but far too often, it seems we treat the Bible as God. And the way we experience God is not through a book. We can learn about Him there, but not experience Him.

    What a great point!


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