No condemnation!

Stop condemning yourself every time you sin – God doesn’t see your sin – he sees Christ in you. You are already holy. If you think your holiness comes from what you do or do not do, you think you can earn your salvation through your own goodness and are putting your faith in your SELF rather than the CROSS of CHRIST.

Take your eyes off of your self and your sin for a minute and fix your eyes on JESUS. He is the only one who is HOLY, and Christ dwelling in us is the ONLY way any of us will ever be holy. If we are in Christ, all of our sin is forgiven – past present and future.

“For we have been made HOLY through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ ONCE FOR ALL!”

–  Hebrews 10:10

This is GRACE. Claim it. Live in it! Break those chains brothers and sisters! We are FREE! And if the son sets us free we are FREE indeed!



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