The last time you sinned…

“Your sins and your lawless acts I will remember no more.”

Isaiah 43:25

God doesn’t remember our sins. The moment we have committed it, it is forgiven, for all our sins were forgiven, once for all, on the cross.

If God doesn’t remember your sins, why do you? When other people ask you when was the last time you sinned, say:

“I can’t remember. God doesn’t remember, so neither do I.”

Forget your sins! They are the in past – forgiven and forgotten.

Today and everyday you are holy in Christ, justified by His blood, and righteous by your faith.

You have His righteousness.

And just as nothing we can do can take the cross away, so nothing we can do can take our holiness away.

It is a gift of God.

Freely given.

Freely receive and believe.

You are holy, perfect, the righteousness of Christ in God.

Yesterday, today and forever!


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