Grace has to be “Hyper!”

Hyper Grace is the only Grace!

His Grace Is Enough


Dear friends,

Recently Charisma Magazine had been publishing articles warning many of the dangers of the “grace movement” by labeling it “hyper grace” or “dangerous grace”. This part 2 of my response to the article “What is wrong about Grace?” by Mike Bickle.

It is very important for us to note that when Paul was speaking to the Christians in Corinth about the ministry of condemnation, he was not speaking about the law. Rather he was explaining to them that the approach they were adopting were a balance between law and grace. The ministry of death is NOT the law alone.

Balancing act

This is how Bible Scholar John Darby puts it “The revelation of grace in a measure (that is, unless it be in the fulness and perfectness of its own glory – God’s love to the sinner in Christ) only enhances the sin of man, and makes his responsibility and condemnation…

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