The blood of Christ plus NOTHING.

The ‘hyper-grace’ movement – of which God has chosen the amazingly passionate, talented and anointed preacher Joseph Prince to be the forerunner – is being attacked, basically because people don’t understand it.

Basically because actually the message of Grace – which is actually just The Gospel – is too good to be true!

Millions of people, who’ve been kept in bondage for years by sinful church teaching, are living in a beautiful new-found freedom because of  this Grace message – myself included.

Jim McNeely has written a book called The Romance of Grace.

This is an extract from his website – Therefore Now – a response to Mike Bickle’s attack of the Grace movement on Charisma News:

I am not surfing porn or committing adultery or giving out false prophecy while raking in the money from unsuspecting sheep right now, but I am yet a sinner in need of the covering of His precious blood. And if, God forbid, I do any of these horrible things in the future, I am assured that I have a basis for forgiveness and cleansing and repentance, because it is Christ who saves me by His blood, and not my deeds by my own flesh which saves me.It is the blood of Christ plus NOTHING which secures my eternity. From the bottom of my heart I do not want to do any of these sins, but I don’t trust myself. I trust Christ. In saying I trust Christ it isn’t an underhanded way of saying I trust Christ to control me like a mindless puppet to never sin. It means he has given me freedom and in that freedom I long to avoid sin but He has forever accepted me and forgiven me no matter what happens.

I have believed in Jesus, and I have ETERNAL life (John 3:16). What part of ‘eternal’ means it could end because I could screw up temporarily and blow it? Does my assurance mean I have license to sin? It means I have the unction and power to walk in the Spirit, which is a whole different paradigm coming from a whole new universe.

Thanks  Jim for allowing me to post this.

Jim’s book.

Jim’s website.

Grace and Peace.



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