This is GRACE !

Pure Grace says Christ has saved us, redeemed us, purified us, and there is nothing left for us to do, just accept the gift.
We are never ‘dirty’ or sinful because we are being washed, continuously, in the gushing waterfall of Christ’s blood and forgiveness.
We are soaking in Christ’s blood. Sin has no power over us. Even if we sin, we are immediately washed clean, like ‘a stone in a waterfall’, as Joseph Prince puts it.
Or as Spurgeon says, we are not only washed in Christ’s blood but ‘bathing in it.’
‘Those who are born of God are not able to sin because His seed remains in them. The One who is born of God keeps them safe.’ (1 John 5:18)
Now, obviously we do sin, so what can this mean?
Only that God never ever counts our sin against us anymore because we are bathing, soaking, being continuously washed clean in Christ’s blood.
We can never ever sin ever again. The moment we do, we are instantly supernaturally cleansed in Christ’s blood.
This is the Good News. This is The Gospel.
This is GRACE !

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