Does God still love me when I’m dirty ?

So, God, is it true, do you really still love me when I sin? Am I really righteous because of your gift, not by what I do? What if I mess up and sin, do you still love me?


Strange, I never really believed that God loved me before my GRACE revelation. Then when I realized He loves me so much that He crucified Himself on a cross so I would never be punished for my wrong doing ever again… WOW… then I knew He loved me. This verse –  


‘This is how God showed His love towards us, even while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’


–  never meant anything before. Now I see…I was blind but now I see His amazing grace. He loved us even in our sin. He was willing to die for us even when we were sinners.


It’s like Cinderella. 


Will the Prince still love Cinderella even in her ‘dirty’ clothes (in her most sinful, sexually degraded state)? In the Fairy-tale he does.


This is like God’s love for us. Jesus is our prince. He is our groom. We are His bride. In the way the Prince loves Cinderella, Jesus loves us even when we’re in our ‘dirty clothes’.


When I’m dirty I feel like I’m testing God: do you still love me God? Even though you revealed your AMAZING GRACE to me? Even though I trampled all over it, rejected it and have thrown your free gift of righteousness back in your face?


And you know what His answer is?




All I feel is His love.


No guilt, no shame, no condemnation – just lashings and lashings of His beautiful Spirit, His amazing Grace and His unfailing Love.


What a God!


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