Worthy is the Lamb – and me!

Sorry, but I think this clear contradiction doesn’t stand up, this mixture of grace and self-effort.
Worthy is the Lamb – and me!
Ever since I discovered PURE GRACE – that I have no part to play, I have never felt more free.
We are ALREADY perfect and fully sanctified. It isn’t a process. Christ did it all.
He set us free from sin, once for all.
If He set us free from sin, how can we have a part to play in overcoming it? You are saying Christ’s blood wasn’t sufficient.
Yet even if we do sin, we are instantly washed clean in the blood of Christ.
It’s as if we are sitting in a waterfall of Christ’s blood – or ‘bathing in it’ as Spurgeon said.
Even if we sin, it is instantly consumed at The Cross. This was God’s gift.
He knew we could not do it – so He did it for us.
I refer you to John Stott:
Christ’s salvation must be a free gift. So what is there left to pay? Nothing!
and then again:
We resent the fact that we can not earn – or even contribute to – our own salvation and so we stumble at the stumbling block of The Cross.
– The Cross of Christ.
We have no part to play. We have nothing to add to the Glory (the beauty and Majesty) that He gave us as a free gift by Christ living in us.
We are already perfect (Hebrews 10:14), righteous (Romans 5:17) and holy (Hebrews 10:9).
Oh wonderful gospel!
Christ did it all !
God will never ever count our sin against us ever again. Hallelujah! Now that IS Good News !
Do you see? Even though we may sin every day – God doesn’t count it against us. All He sees is us bathing in Christ’s blood – washed white as snow.
He has made us perfect as a FREE GIFT.
We could never ever reach His standard by our own efforts.
That’s why John Stott says ‘It MUST be free.’
I hope you pray and see GRACE in a new way.
It may just set you free.

Grace and peace.


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