He loves us

And you know the amazing thing?  We don’t have to do anything for it. He loves us just as we are. Not as we should be. Exactly as we are.

I never really got that until I grasped GRACE – Jesus died for me so that He would never ever have to punish me for my sin ever again. No matter how much I sin, He will always love me, and welcome me into His kingdom, into His loving arms.

Even if I were to rebel against His love from now until the day I die, He would never let me go, but would drag me home to Him, kicking and screaming, because my salvation doesn’t depend on my love for Him, but on His love for me.

Knowing that whatever I do wrong I can never ignite God’s anger towards me ever again because He poured out all His fierce anger at my sin in Christ on the cross; knowing I am absolutely and totally FREE from punishment, free from fear, I love Him all the more deeply because now I truly understand what He did for me: He paid the punishment for all my sin on the cross – past, present and future.

Nothing I can do can ever make Him angry at me ever again.

And despite all my wrong doings, all my failings, every thing I’ve ever done wrong or ever will do wrong, He crucified Himself because He would rather die than live without me.

That’s my God.

He died for me so that He could be with me forever.

And He died for you so He could be with you, too.

Because He loves you.

Want to know how much God loves you? Watch this!


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