GRACE is not lower case.

I have to write GRACE in capital letters now. Because it just doesn’t look right in lower case. It’s like writing him instead of Him. Or jesus with a little ‘j’. Jesus needs a big J. Grace needs a big ‘G’.

GRACE is so beautiful, so undeserved, so magnificent, lower case letters just don’t do it justice. It needs capitals. GRACE isn’t grace. It is GRACE.

If you are a Christian, and wonder what I’m banging on about, don’t worry. If your heart and mind is open, God will reveal it to you.

You may think you understand GRACE. But perhaps you don’t. Are you open to that possibility? Or are you certain of your knowledge?

I talk to theologians who are so ‘long in the tooth’ in their beliefs that they can’t see GRACE for the law. They can’t see the wood for the trees. That old idiom comes to mind ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’

But the truth is people are being set free after many years as Christians trying to please God, trying to be better Christians, trying to ‘overcome sin’.

Then God reveals GRACE to them and they realize nothing they can do can add to the righteousness God has given them. They are righteous by faith. Nothing they can do can subtract from their righteousness. They are righteous by faith.

This is GRACE.

Why do you think Isaiah was so overwhelmed with joy ? Because he realized that God had ‘draped him in a robe of His righteousness.’ (Isaiah 61:10). He didn’t have to be righteous himself anymore. Even though he lived before Christ, God revealed GRACE to him, and Isaiah was ‘overwhelmed with joy’.

If you are not overwhelmed with joy, as Isaiah was, if you are still battling with a sin you can not seem to conquer, if you are feeling guilty or condemned, or not certain of your salvation, you are being attacked by the accuser, and God wants you to know that you are absolutely loved, even in the midst of your sin, you are perfect, holy and righteous in His sight…

Because God has given you His righteousness as a free gift.

He has draped us in robes of His righteousness.

Isn’t that good news?

It doesn’t depend on us anymore.

Thank God!

It just depends on Him.

And He did it already. He went to the cross. He paid the price. He saved us, made us holy (Hebrews 10:10), made us perfect (Hebrews 10:14) and made us righteous (Romans 5:17)…

…as a free gift.

We are free.

ps – if you wonder what all the fuss is about, GRACE or ‘hyper-grace’ as some are calling it – please read Paul Ellis’ great article.

How well did I understand GRACE before I understood GRACE ?


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