Grace Revelation

It takes a revelation from God to understand GRACE.

We can read the scriptures through two lenses: through a ‘sin’ lens or through a ‘grace’ lens.

When we read through a ‘sin’ lens we see that we have sin but when we read through a ‘grace’ lens we see that we are  free from sin.

Take this familiar verse for example:

“Nobody born of God continues to sin, because God’s seed remains in him.” 1 John 5:18

Reading this through a ‘sin’ lens means not sinning is something we should strive towards achieving ourselves.

However, read through a ‘grace’ lens it says that we are unable to sin, not because of our own ability, but because ‘His seed’ is in us.

That is – Christ.

Same verse, two completely different readings.

The first puts the responsibility on us – because we are under grace we should try harder, strive to overcome sin.

The second says we are unable to sin because of Him.

Not us.


We can not overcome sin. That was Christ’s job. He ‘did away with sin’ on the cross for all who believe.

We are not under the law of sin anymore, but under the law of grace.

We are ‘bathing in His blood’ as Spurgeon says.

Sin can no longer stain us.

We are forever clean.

Forever free.



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