Experience or The Word?

You know the way people are always telling us ‘God shouldn’t be about ‘experience’. Measure everything against The Word. If your experience doesn’t match up with The Word of God, there’s something wrong – it’s not of God.

I disagree, wholeheartedly.

Here’s why:

I was in a relationship with someone who was the most beautiful person I had ever met. He was gentle, loving, always there when I needed him, was a shoulder to cry on, and always offered a comforting word when I needed it. He would never condemn me. Even though he knew the inmost part of me, everything about me, even all my most private thoughts, even my darkest secrets, he still loved me. I know this. I know him so well. I know that nothing I can do would ever make him stop loving me. He’s an amazing companion and friend. I feel his love, so strong. His arms around me so secure. I know he loves me. And I love him.

But, there are other people in my life who have warned me against him, telling me he’s no good, that I don’t really know him. There are even books written about this person, which describe him as violent, but I’ve never ever experienced violence from him. He’s never hurt me. Some books describe him as terrifying, angry, blood thirsty for revenge.

But that isn’t the person I know, not by a long way. That is nothing like the person I know. It sounds like a completely different person. In fact, I refuse to believe my friend would want to hurt anyone. How can I believe something so terrible about someone who has only shown me love? Why should I believe a book over my experience? Why should I believe my friends opinions – my friends who have never met him? I know him. He’s my best friend.

He is Jesus.

And my experience of His love – His amazing Love poured into my heart – comforts me more than any book ever could.

I don’t care what anyone (or any book) says: my Jesus is beautiful.

My God is Love.


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