Grace is a precious treasure.

When you have a revelation of God’s grace, be careful. It is precious treasure. Guard it with all your heart.

Don’t make the mistake I made, and start arguing online with people who are opposed to the grace message. There are many who still, like the Galatians, desire to mix law with grace and believe they must try to establish their own righteousness.

They are trying to achieve the impossible.

There are many in the church who believe they can overcome sin by their own self efforts.

We can not achieve what Christ has already achieved – on the cross.

Don’t make my mistake and argue with such people, because it is exhausting, and the opposition will do all he can to sow doubt in your mind, to tell you that grace isn’t that good, you’re not saved forever, you can still lose your salvation if you sin.

Be careful.

When you have the grace revelation, that is, when God reveals the wonders of his amazing grace to you, as a good friend of mine advised, grasp it tightly and don’t let go.

And take Henry J.M Nouwen’s advice:

“Because finding the treasure is only the beginning of the search you have to be careful. If you expose the treasure to others without fully owning it you might harm yourself and even lose the treasure.”

–  The Inner Voice of Love.

When you have, as Paul says, understood God’s grace in all its truth (Colossians 1:6) grasp it tightly, and bury it in your heart. Then, start to study the scriptures afresh through a ‘grace’ lens. You don’t have to do anything, just pray and ask God to reveal His word anew to you.

And don’t be discouraged by what seem to be difficult passages. Rather, listen to preachers and teachers who are strong in the Word and in the Grace message, like Joseph Prince, Paul White, Paul Ellis and Simon Yap as well as Facebook pages like Grace (see my blog role for other ‘grace’ teachers) and listen to how these dilligent teachers have approached the various difficult passages and criticisms from Christians still, tragically, trapped under ‘law’.

We find reading difficult passages out of context can sow doubt and stress (exactly what the enemy wants). However, with patience, uncovering the historical and cultural contexts behind the N.T letters, and digging into the original language, we find that scripture doesn’t contradict God’s unlimited grace for those who believe, but rather affirms it. Remember, take ‘text’ out of ‘context’ and you’re left with ‘con’.

Most of all, don’t get into fights and arguments with believers still bound by the law. They haven’t had the revelation yet, like you. Consider yourself privileged! Before you fight the grace corner, be strong yourself first in your belief. If God has revealed His magnificent grace to you, He has done it for a reason. Not everyone ‘gets’ grace. Read Paul Ellis’s brilliant article ‘How well did I understand grace before I understood grace?’ If you’ve seen grace for the first time, it really is like being born again again, and seeing a whole new Jesus.

Finally, God has revealed grace to you for a reason. It is a precious treasure. Protect it. Guard it, but don’t fight for it yet, until you are strong in your own belief, so strong you can not be shaken.

He is our fortress and He will fight for us. When the time is right for you to stand up for grace and truth, He will tell you.

The Lord will fight for you. You have only to be still.

Grace and Peace!



7 thoughts on “Grace is a precious treasure.

  1. So often people don’t “get” grace until they hit rock bottom trying to live under law. When you understand that you just can’t do it on your own, and you cry out to God for help, that’s when He reaches down and moves you from law to grace. We can’t understand grace on our own; it is a gift from God. Arguing with those who cannot understand it is like arguing with a blind man because he can’t see. Have compassion and love, and know that God’s timetable and ours are not the same. Trust Him. He’s got us covered.


  2. I read this again today. I have started arguing for the Grace message very quickly after finding it myself. In fact, I have taken up discussions online with a pastor who has written a 400 page book on why the Grace message is wrong. And, yes, I think I’m not strong enough yet. I’m going to wait. Didn’t Apostle Paul wait several years before he started delivering his revelation? It’s not my way to wait. But I know it’s usually God’s way. It’s a relief to decide “It’s OK” to not engage the opposition yet.

    I also have a question, Scorch. Through my many years as a Christian, I never was cognizant of experiencing the power (and the feeling of great power) that the Bible talks about. Neither did I fully understand what it means to be “filled with the Spirit”. I thought these were things we could get when we asked again and again. And I have asked many times. But wasn’t aware of ever getting a sense of being filled with power, etc. But, now I DO feel that way when I am in my “Grace Place” (that’s what I call it when I’m believing The Beautiful Truth well). A sense of power, well being, and all the Fruits of the Spirit. Just yesterday I had the thought that this might be that experience of being filled with the Spirit that I never fully understood before. Comment?

    Also, do we continue to grow and grow in Grace? In other words, will I know more about all of this in a year, then 5 years, then 10?


    • Absolutely brother. The more we delve into the scriptures, and study through a ‘grace’ lens, the more amazing truths we will learn, the more beautiful God will become. There is so much to learn. Praise God!

      And brother, it sounds like you have been born again, again! Praise God. Yes, you have been filled with The Spirit. Hallelujah.

      Remember the scripture Ephesians 4:7.

      Good idea to pull out of the fight for now. Enjoy your new found freedom and your all new Jesus !


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