Do you trust The Cross?

He is our righteousness.  (1 Cor 1:30).


This is why I disagree with accountability groups which say ‘we are sinners’ and then ask God for forgiveness.

I believe that God doesn’t see us as sinners anymore. He sees us as perfect and righteous in Christ.

All of our sin was forgiven at the cross.

According to the book of Hebrews sin has been done away with, once for all.

We are completely clean and holy in God’s eyes.

Perhaps calling ourselves sinners keeps us in self-perpetuating sin. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

Perhaps we need to accept God has forgiven us of all sin at the cross, and rest in that knowledge – that grace. 

Perhaps when we see ourselves as God does – pure and holy – we will live pure and holy lives.

I agree with accountability, confessing to one another, but I disagree with stating ‘I am a sinner’ and asking God for forgiveness.

I know He has forgiven me already.

I don’t need to ask.

I trust Him when he says ‘all of my sin has been forgiven’ and that He loves me.

I believe to ask for forgiveness is not trusting The Cross.

What about you? Do you believe He loves you and has forgiven you of all sin?

Do you trust The Cross?


3 thoughts on “Do you trust The Cross?

  1. I trust the cross. When some doubt creeps in, I read on Grace or meditate on Grace or talk to God about Grace or study about Grace. I move to try to re-find my “Grace Place” where I find all the Fruit of the Spirit, so I know that I’m back to the Truth. I’m a very happy person in these last 18 months or so since I first heard a word from Joseph Prince. Thanks for the post. I need this message in different forms every single day.


  2. Can you answer a question for me on one point of all this Grace stuff? Here I go. I’ll try to keep brief. I’ve always had a bad temper. But, I had developed something of a protection from having it hurt people too often. Many years before Grace, I had found a way to suppress my emotions so I could usually (but not always) not get overly angry. But it would build up inside. But after finding Grace, I found that I no longer needed/wanted to suppress my emotions. So, think of this as my “guard” being down that often protected me from getting upset to where I was, say, verbally abusive to my family,. etc. Well, after all this joy flooded in, I found I could stop suppressing my emotions. So, I have stopped doing this, which has made life so much more joyful. However, I find that with my “guard down” (meaning – I’m not suppressing emotions) I can get real surprised by a fairly violent (cursing, slamming things around, last night I even damaged a wall) outburst I’m not expecting. Do you have any comments on this? I am trusting that God knows what is going on and this will stop. But I wanted comments from a couple people who see The Gospel the way I do, like you. If you have no insight on this, fine. I’m going to ask a couple other people, too.


    • In my experience, when I continue to act in a way that is not in line with the fruits of The Spirit, it has been due to an unhealed deep wound relating way back to a specific traumatic event in my youth / childhood. It has taken a counselor to get to the root and cause, to expose the wound so that Jesus may heal it.


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