Our Inheritance is Guaranteed.

People who attack the so called ‘hyper-grace’ movement usually believe we can lose our salvation. But what is ‘hyper-grace’ ? Actually there is no such thing. There is only grace. And grace is hyper. It has to be. It is all consuming. Grace says that Christ washed our sin away at the cross. All of our sin. Sins past, present and future. Jesus says he has set free the prisoners of sin. Paul says we died with Christ, and everyone who has died has been freed from sin. We simply are not under the law of sin anymore. We are under ‘grace’. What puts us under ‘grace’ ? Our faith.

Our faith sets us free. When we believe in Jesus we accept and believe that the fire of His love consumed our sin in the cross. When he died, our sin died. How much of our sin? ALL of our sin, the bible says. We have been set free from sin. Indeed, even if we do wrong in our own eyes, to God, we are completely perfect, righteous and holy, because Christ washed us of our sin on the Cross. If we continue to do wrong, we will reap consequences in our life on earth, but to God, we are perfect, righteous and holy.

How so? Because that is the ONLY WAY he could save us. If he gave us a Royal Pardon for absolutely EVERYTHING we have ever done wrong and ever will do wrong.

Opponents of the grace message say ‘Christ set us free from our sin ‘pre-conversion’ but any sins we commit after that, we have to reconfess and repent because they are new sins. Some even say we are putting new sins on the cross and crucifying Jesus all over again.

Oh, really? So, Jesus is still on the cross, is he? He didn’t die ‘once for all’ as the letter to the Hebrews says?

Fact is, Jesus Christ appeared once to ‘do away’ with sin by the sacrifice of Himself. We are no longer bound to the law of sin. We are under the law of grace. We have been absolutely, utterly, amazingly forgiven of EVERYTHING forever.

But this is too good to be true, surely. The Good News can’t be that good. You mean God will never count my sins against me ever again? We are completely, absolutely, unimaginably free?


But doesn’t that give us freedom to just carry on sinning then?  If God has forgiven me of everything? I can basically do what I want and there will be no consequences. God will turn a blind eye.

If that is what you want to do, if that is the way you want to live, try it, and see how you feel. It is impossible to keep on sinning when you are covered in the blood. Jesus will never let you. As soon as you know you are free, when you have tasted true freedom in Christ, the desire to sin melts away, and the greatest pleasure comes in living a pure and blameless life.

Yet, even if we do something wrong, and fall, God doesn’t count it against us. He forgives us. Because of His great love for us.

This is grace.

This is what’s so amazing about grace.

And, to those who say we can lose our salvation if we keep on sinning, I give you Paul’s words:

“And you also were included in Christ when you heard The Word of Truth, the good news of your salvation. Having believed you were marked in Him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance…”

– Ephesians 1:13

Our inheritance is guaranteed. The Holy Spirit is our deposit.

Grace and Peace.


4 thoughts on “Our Inheritance is Guaranteed.

  1. Scorch – I’m having nice, long, ecstatic tears for what you’ve written. It’s not new because I’ve been believing this message for going on two years. But you are especially clear to me. Thank you Scorch and God. I’m not kissing up to you when I express gratitude for your work (your writing). Gratitude just flows out of my heart and I want to express it so deeply. I was really scared for 40 years because I didn’t understand. I do now. Life is great. I used to hope it was but wasn’t sure it was great. Now I’m really sad for those (especially my people who I love so much) who can’t see it.


    • Thanks for your encouragement, Brother. Your words are a real blessing.

      You sound like Isaiah, who, when he had his ‘Grace’ revelation, shouted “I am overwhelmed with joy in the LORD my God, for He has dressed me in garments of salvation. He has draped me in a robe of HIS righteousness!” (Isaiah 61:10)


  2. It’s very hard for me to know what I know now while many of those I love so much don’t know so they live in Old Covenant lacking the joy and peace they could have. And they don’t really want to hear it from me. I do talk about it but they almost never inquire or want to learn. I think part of this may be fear. It can be a scary jump to Grace. Another part may be God doesn’t have this “second revelation” planned for all Christians. But, I’m petitioning Him on their behalf. Open to comments or insight. I sometimes feel quite alone as far as other people go because it’s like I’m walking around all day with this knowledge that they don’t have and I don’t have any way to give it to them. It’s a strange, new life for me. Open to comments.


    • It’s awesome you petition God and want those you love to have the joy and peace you have. Let’s keep praying (and blogging) brother.


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