Work less, more blessed…

I’m reminded of the parable of the workers in the vineyard. Those who only worked an hour earned the same as those who worked all day. When those who labored all day complained, their boss said:

“Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Or are you envious because I am generous?”

– Matthew 20:15

Some theologians say this is about Jews and Gentiles, yet it seems to me that we who have had a revelation of God’s amazing ‘Grace’ are like these undeserving workers.

Paul says:

‘Grace has been given as Christ appointed it.’

– Ephesians 4:7

Also, like the undeserving workers, we too work less than those people who are ‘working’ to achieve their own righteousness, striving to obey God, striving to overcome sin themselves (when Christ already has), striving to be ‘better’ Christians. Paul tells us we cannot work for our righteousness. Righteousness is a gift. (Romans 5:17)

We believers all receive the same gift: salvation by grace, through faith.

Only we who have had a ‘grace’ revelation work less, perhaps, than those who believe we have a part to play ourselves, as we know our righteousness doesn’t depend on what we do, but on what Christ has done for us.

We work less yet we are more blessed as we receive the same wages – eternal life – for working less.

When some are working to earn their place in Heaven, we are at rest.

He has lavished us with His ‘grace’.

What can we say except ‘Thank you, Jesus’.

Brothers and sisters, let’s stop striving, bathe in His grace, and enter His beautiful rest.


6 thoughts on “Work less, more blessed…

  1. You get it, man. Yippee. When I socialize now with “my people” (family, close friends, etc.) I’m so different. I know I talk too much. In a way they don’t want to hear me. I know it’s hard to hear, that someone seems to think they are experiencing something more profound than, perhaps, you believe you’ve experienced. But, I think as they get over feeling that I’m being a dick, they will go to God for this free gift. But, I know Jesus decides all this. I trust his but don’t understand it that much. I want to believe than everyone has a chance.

    But, my wife is liking a lot of what’s going on with me. But, I also know that it bothers her. In some ways, she liked it more when I was sad, struggling. Like tonight, she we went out with my Christian sister. Of course, I’m gushing about how incredible life is when you really understand how great it is. My wife listened to this for quite a while and we drove home in silence. No criticism. My flesh is still fighting for survival, too.

    Scorch – here’s how I feel. I feel like I’m getting a portion of heaven while I’m still restricted to life on earth for a while. I know that what I’m experiencing is a small portion of what heaven will be like.

    I want all my people to have this partial heaven. Partial heaven is still a dream come true. I never knew life was this good. And it’s been going on for almost 2 years.

    I like you, man. I’ve been blessed in a big way by the comments we’ve exchanged and all you’ve written on your blog. When my inbox says that Grace Space has a post, my heart leaps a bit. Authentic and clear.


      • Thanks. But I’d like you to give me a heads up if you think I’m way off on this or that. I don’t know in this state how much I can be off on my thoughts. I feel like I’m getting a download of the Truth that’s taking place over several months. I’ve so many insights that I can’t BEGIN to write all the posts I could. It doesn’t worry me. I know all is well. I don’t freak out that I have an insight that I don’t write. And if I get off on something, I’d want to reconsider my view. I’m flying by the seat of my pants. I had a small birthday dinner tonight. And my Christian sister had this little game to honor me that gave me a chance to share my thoughts/views/feelings on life at age 61. I told her that age 60 has been the best year of my life. I feel loved, safe,. protected and joyful like when I was just a boy growing up in a wonder, loving family in the idyllic home town. Man, I didn’t know life could be this good. I only now know how much I’ve suffered. I suppressed my emotions to try to not feel it for 30 years. My emotions have been turned back on Please question me if you think I’m way off. It would give me comfort that your “watching me”. I’m just a rookie.


  2. You, too. I get comfort that a few other Grace believers are “watching me” as I walk this wonderful path. If I move into error, I’ll be glad to have some helping me see and willing to tell me that this or that is wrong so I can talk to Dad about it. So far, I’m not getting strong objections from those who have been down this same road. Actually, no objections.




    RESPONSE – In Eden, (1) everything we wanted/needed was provided without us having to work for it (2) work was something God provided for our delight rather than as a way to “get what we needed”. Said another way, in Eden, receiving what we wanted and needed had no connection to the work we did.

    After The Fall, everything changed regarding our work. Now, everything we wanted/needed was NO LONGER provided. We had to begin to dedicate our efforts/work to WORK FOR what we wanted and needed. Work was no longer for our enjoyment. It had to be “spent” to basically “purchase” what we needed and wanted in life.

    But Jesus was sent to change ALL THINGS back to the way they were before The Fall – the way God intended/wanted all things from the beginning – the way it was in Eden. For this reason, “work” become a source of pleasure for us, it can be “play”, not work, as it had been in The Garden. So, if we believe rightly on this, we no longer need to experience stress about our work, our efforts, because it is NOT the source of provision anymore. So, a believer could now trust God for provision and work for the PLEASURE of it rather than as a means to get what they wanted/needed.

    Hope I’m clear.


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