Thanks be to God, through Jesus Christ, our Lord!

Where does your sorrow come from? Do you feel bad about yourself when you fall? Are you saddened about your inability to overcome the sin in your life? Are you constantly trying, and failing, to conquer your sin? Well, here’s the Good News, for you. Are you ready? And… wait for it…because it’s going to be hard to grasp, difficult to take in. In fact, this news is too good to be true. Here it is:

YOU don’t have to overcome your sin. Jesus overcame your sin for you on The Cross. Because of Him, you are holy, you are righteous, you have been made perfect forever!

If you could do it yourself, do you think Jesus would have went through with the Cross? If we were able to achieve God’s standard of righteousness ourselves, would he have went through with that excruciating death?

On the cross Jesus just didn’t die – suffered spiritual separation from God – He went to hell forever, he suffered the equivalent of an eternal death for everyone who has ever lived.

Do you think, if you could overcome sin yourself, Jesus would have died for you? You can do it yourself!

The bad news is, you cannot do it yourself. You have no chance. Try as you might, strive as you might, everyday, you may have success one day, and feel amazing: ‘Yes, I did it today! I didn’t sin!’ But then the next day, you fall again, and you feel terrible, and you beg God to forgive you, and wash you again, and cleanse you.

But this isn’t why Christ suffered. Christ suffered so that we might be free from guilt and shame. He suffered to set us free from sin. He took ALL of our sin and crucified it on the Cross. Even when you sin, it is nailed to The Cross. The moment you do wrong, it is consumed in Christ’s love, washed away in His blood. Because of The Cross, God will never count your sin against you ever again. That is the good news!

That is where God wants you to take your joy from. Not based on your own performance, not based on the bad news, but based on the good news: Jesus has saved you. Jesus has set you free. Jesus has cleansed you once for all!

If our joy comes from our own performance, we will be up and down like a yo-yo. But, when we finally come tor realize that we are weak, we are helpless, we are powerless, and thank Jesus for doing EVERYTHING for us – thank Jesus because what He did means we will never, ever be judged for our sin ever again, then, and only then, can we really bask in this joy, sit back, and rest in Him and His finished work.

Once your joy is about Him and what He did for you, once you truly understand that He has made your scarlet sins white as snow, once you realize that He has given you His righteousness as a free gift, then you will be able to thank Him everyday – and your performance won’t affect it. You’ll find that the desire to sin will supernaturally evaporate because you are so overwhelmingly consumed with thankfulness for the Cross, for His GRACE – that all of your joy is for Him.

Then, even if you fall, you will still cry out to God: “Thank you Jesus that you have cleansed me, that you have forgiven me once for all! Thank you that I have your righteousness!”

This is why Isaiah was so overwhelmed with joy. God revealed to Him that he had God’s righteousness!

“I am overwhelmed with joy in the LORD my God, for He has dressed me in garments of salvation. He has draped me in a robe of His righteousness!” (Isaiah 61:10)

So, next time you fall, and instead of doing what you want to do you do what you hate to do, don’t beat yourself up, don’t promise you’ll try harder next time, don’t look to your SELF to try and be the righteousness of Christ, because He has given you His righteousness as a free gift. But be like Paul, and cry out with joy:

“Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God, through Jesus Christ Christ our Lord!”


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