Shine like Stars!

Jesus took Peter, James and John up a high mountain by themselves. There he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light. – Matthew 17:1-2

When Christ died for us He took our sin and gave us His righteousness – as a free gift.

This means God restored us to the way He originally created us to be – in His image.

God is glorious.

His beauty is reflected in His creation.

We’ve only to look at the wild scattering of stars in the night sky to know that God is gloriously beautiful.

In fact, ‘glory’ means ‘a beauty and majesty distinctive to God.’

When Paul says our hope of glory is Christ in us, he is saying that we have the beauty of God.

He has adorned us with His beauty and majesty. (See my post here for more on this).

When Christ was transfigured on the mountain He glowed with bright light.

Jesus says:

You are the light of the world.


Let your lights shine before men!

(Matthew 5:14-16)

When our lights shine, we shine with God’s glory. Paul says we

Shine like stars in the universe.

(Philippians 2:15)

How amazing is that?

We shine like the stars!

But how can that be? I hear you ask. I’m so dirty in my sin. I feel like a wretched sinner.

The truth is, we have to stop seeing ourselves as sinners. We must throw out the Anglican creed. Joseph Prince is right. This sin-consciousness creates a negative self-image. God sees us as beautiful. What right have we got to see ourselves as less than how God sees us?

If we don’t see ourselves the way God sees us we break His heart because this is why Christ died, that we may be restored to His image, to glow with His glory.

To God, we are as glorious as Christ.

But, if I sin, I hear you say, I’m not beautiful anymore. I stain myself with sin.


This is the wonder of the gospel. This is what makes grace amazing.

Christ crucified our sin once for all. Did away with it. It’s gone forever. All of it. Out with the trash. Finished!

He draped us in a robe of His righteousness and dressed us in garments of salvation – as a free gift!

We don’t deserve it, but God decided, out of His great love for us, to give it to us for free.

Christ earned our righteousness for us – by going through with the cross.

Nothing we can do can undo Christ’s work. He has made us perfect forever.

By one sacrifice He has made perfect forever those who have been made holy.

(Hebrews 10:14)

But what about my daily sin? I hear you say. The mistakes I make day after day.

When shoes grow dirty with muck and grime, when they’re ill-treated and not looked after, the leather cracks and breaks. So we also crack and break when we don’t look after ourselves. This is the consequence of sin. Yet if we apply some love and care, some polish, and scrub away at the broken shoes, we can get them shining like new.

Well, that’s how God sees us.

Because of the cross God is able to see past all the muck and grime to our shiny new selves – exactly the way He created us – like those polished shoes – as good as new.

If anyone is in Christ, He is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come. All this is from God!

(2 Cor 5:17)

To God, we are shiny and new.

Behold, I make everything new!

(Revelation 21:5)

And as we believe God  sees us as new we begin to ‘put on our new selves’ says Paul.

We walk in the righteousness we already have.

We live as dearly loved children.


And as we gaze on Jesus, says Paul , we reflect His glory – as if we are looking in a mirror.

We grow more beautiful every day we spend with our hearts set on Christ – changing into His image from glory to glory, becoming more and more beautiful every moment we spend with Him.

And it isn’t by our own striving and trying.

This comes from The Lord, who is The Spirit.

I urge you, friends, to see yourself as God sees you, for as He is, so are we in this world.

As glorious and as beautiful as Jesus.

That is how God sees you.

And that is what you are.

Shining like the stars! Steve Edwards


2 thoughts on “Shine like Stars!

  1. Yes. Yes. Yes!
    And the most critical time to remember that we shine, that we are robed in righteousness, to be Jesus-conscious instead of sin-conscious is exactly after we have sinned.
    Love your writing Steve. Thank you.


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