Time After Time.

If you fall I will catch you,

I’ll be waiting,

Time after time.

Do you know this beautiful song?

Time After Time.

Imagine if the walk with the LORD was like walking along a tightrope high above the clouds from Earth to Heaven.

And imagine if we give in to temptation, if we sin, we will fall off and down into the terrible depths below.

For the wages of sin is death, right?

For those who preach that we can lose our salvation, it means that if we fall, if we sin, if we give in to temptation over and over again, if we just can’t get a grip on living righteously, just can’t get a grip on that tightrope, we will fall into the fiery pit, never to escape – to burn in hell for all eternity.

Yet the gospel of grace says yes, the walk will be challenging, sure, we will have many trials, we will be tempted to sin. But, if we fall we won’t plunge into the lake of fire, because Jesus is waiting to catch us.

He will pick us up, like children learning to walk for the first time, and put us back on our feet.

We have nothing to fear.

When we know this our walk becomes easier.

I can’t imagine how dreadful it must be for Christians to live this life believing they can lose their salvation, believing if they fall they will go to the lake of fire.

It’s simply not true! It’s a lie from Satan, the Father of Lies!

For us who know that Jesus will catch us when we fall, the walk becomes easy. Satan’s arrows have no power. He can fire at us all he wants to knock us off of our tightrope because we know that, even if we fall, Jesus will catch us!

He is our safety net.

So let’s walk this narrow path, this tightrope of faith, doing our best to stay balanced, doing our best to stay focused on Him, doing our best to protect ourselves from the devil’s arrows with our shield of faith, knowing that, if we fall, He will catch us, He’ll be waiting…

Time after time.

Steve Edwards


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