What gift will you bring?

I’d never heard The Little Drummer Boy before.

I’d heard of it, but had never actually listened to it.

Then, this Christmas, I saw this video, and it tore me apart in tears.

The story goes something like this:

A little boy hears that a new King has been born and that everyone is bringing their finest gifts to ‘honor’ Him.

Intrigued, the little boy goes to see, but, feels ashamed that he has ‘no gift to bring’ that is ‘fit for a king.’

So he offers to play his drum.

I played my drum for Him.

I played my best for Him.

What do these beautiful, simple words tell us about what it means to follow Christ.

All Jesus wants us to do is play our best for Him.

Even if we think we have no gift to bring, we do, because we all have something to offer.

God has blessed each and every one of us with a gift.

Whether we are highly qualified in positions of influence and power, or whether we are a little boy with nothing but a drum to play, all Jesus wants us to do is ‘play our best for Him.’

Not perfectly, not amazingly – as long as we do our best for Him.

Then, He smiled at me.

As long as we are ‘playing our best’, Jesus is happy with us.

We don’t have to be perfect – we cannot be perfect – but just doing our best.

Whatever gift God has blessed us with, let’s honor Him.

And remember the first line of this song:

Come, they told me.

The Little Drummer Boy is invited to come to Jesus.

This is the gospel, in the very first word: Come.

So, like The Little Drummer Boy, let’s come to Jesus and play our best for Him.


Click this image for another amazing version.






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